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Re: Ubuntu Ibex offers choice of KDE4.1.2 or KDE3.5.10... and kernel-2.6.27.

On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 10:56 -0400, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> Subject says it all.   Fedora developers tell us that they can't give us
> a choice of KDE version and yet Ubuntu is doing it.
> Ironically, Fedora says their distribution is more cutting edge and yet
> Ibex gets kernel 2.6.27 and we are still stuck with 2.6.26.
> I think the KDE-3.5.10 decision demonstrates that Ubuntu developers are
> more sensitive to user end needs.
> I know a bunch of people are going to chime in and say "Fedora isn't for
> you" and "Its a bleeding edge distribution", etc.  I think those are
> just excuses for a developer community that wants to do it own thing
> irregardless of what users actually want. 
> Don't shoot me, I'm just the squeaky wheel/messenger. 
actually, I for one would have thought that between August and now, you
would stop griping about it or have at least read the explanation on the
wiki page that Rex Dieter has linked several times on this very subject.

Please feel free to use Ubuntu, I do from time to time.

You are welcome to become part of the developer community...it's open to
participation. That sort of means that people who choose not to
participate in the development community don't often get polled on

You have griped endlessly about KDE 4 and the road map should be
evidently clear to you, it isn't going to change, KDE 3.5 is not going
to be coming back and at some point in time, KDE will catch up with
features lost in regression but that time is an upgrade to Fedora 10 and
some updates to KDE away.

You are a broken record.


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