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Re: FEDORA net etiquette

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Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> What I saw was more than "8 characters", did you mean something else?
> g:
>> as i said, '8'. when prompted for entry, i entered 8 characters.
> Well, the sample you supplied was certainly more than 8 characters long.
> Prompted for entry into what?

in originally set up for pgp signature, i used 8 characters. this
is where i miss led you. these 8 produce a 40 character fingerprint.

in pgpsignature, 94 characters are produced with first 26 common.

>> mime is a waste.
> No, not at all.  With MIME you get information on content encoding
> and/or content type,

this i understand. where i believe it to be a waste is when a
plain text file is attached and it is converted to mime.

also, a waste is to send a text message in 'base64'.

my apologies for not being more clear. sometimes i tend to be 'terse'
when i should elaborate. and yes, my first use of unix was on teletype
printer. also, my typing is slower than my thinking, and i tend to
leave out when catching up.
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