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Installing F10b on Toshiba Sat. A215-S4767

Here are my experiences last weekend installing Fedora 10beta (91-1, I
think) on Toshiba Satellite A215-S4767 laptop. This machine has the AMD
Turion, ATI Radeon X1200 (1280x800) video, & the Atheros AR5007EG/AR2425

The DVD booted ok and the anaconda installer started in what looked like
the full 1240x800 display - unlike when I installed F9. No mouse active
at this time. When the installation options window appeared on the
desktop, the lower third or so of the window (where the option select
boxes are located) was hidden at the bottom of the display. I went ahead
with the install by tabbing and pressing enter till the correct
selection was made. I had to choose the defaults and was not able to get
smolt to configure. Everything installed fine otherwise.

On first boot, it stalled at starting sendmail & sm-client. I had
changed the name from localhost during install. Would be nice if the
installer could fix the hosts file to prevent this?? 

The next boot went rapidly & the display appeared good except the mouse
did not stop at the bottom of the display - it continued for an extra
inch (2.5cm) or so. But - wifi worked!!!
The window popped up to enter my pass phrase & I was connected right out
of the box, so to say. No configuration, extra drivers, nothing. I
almost fell out of my chair I was so happy. Thank you. Thank you.

After the system downloaded 500+ updates & I re-started, the mouse now
stops at the bottom of the display, wifi works, the built-in camera
works, I can hear system sounds but haven't had time to test more. lsusb
sees the fingerprint reader but I haven't tried it further - & probably
won't, they're a pita. I did install both Gnome & KDE - so far both seem
stable. Now, if I could get Skype to work, I could dump Vi$ta.

Great job the developers have done. I would like to be able to see the
grub boot option count down timer though.

Just one question. What is that large blue hair ball on the right side
of the display? =:) 


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