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Re: Remote Rescue - PXE, SSH, and a remote console?

Ryan Wilson wrote, On 10/30/2008 04:16 PM:

I've got a Linux server at my parent's house. It had some hardware troubles
and I shipped them a new computer and asked them to move the hard drive
over. That worked out great, except now Fedora 8 won't boot. I think I know
why (I think I need to rebuild my initrd), but how can I do that from

Is there a way to have the kernel reboot the system automatically if it
can't mount the root filesystem? I'm not 100% sure where the system is
hanging, but I think nash gives up when it can't find the filesystem and
just hangs. Can I specify that the kernel reboot on panic on the command
line? My setting in /etc/sysctl.conf doesn't get run because the root
filesystem isn't mounted yet!

says you can
"add panic=10 to the kernel command line, it will have exactly the same effect."
as setting kernel.panic = 10 in /etc/sysctl.conf

Is there something I can use to trigger remote reboots? Like a wake-on-lan
packet that reboots the system when hung?

Is there a linux distro (preferably Fedora or one of its variants) that I
can boot a rescue session from using PXE? I'd like to build a setup with
grub, pxelinux, etc... (if possible) where it boots into the main OS and on
reboot, it will switch back-and-forth to a rescue distro.

suggests that a rescue mode image (initrd) might be setup as a grub target.
Perhaps you should add to that bug, with some ideas from your experience.

And if you are adventuresome you might try this idea from the same thread:

Still seems a bit scary having a machine up on the net with the non protected rescue environment. I hope you get it fixed quickly.

Of course with your situation, it MIGHT be easier to have them express the hard drive to you and work on it locally. :)

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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