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Re: Remote Rescue - PXE, SSH, and a remote console?

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll definitely add the panic reboot boot option. I think that will help me out alot. And I'm going to mull over that bugzilla bug and see if I have something to add.

See more below.

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 9:51 PM, Todd Denniston <Todd Denniston ssa crane navy mil> wrote:

Still seems a bit scary having a machine up on the net with the non protected rescue environment. I hope you get it fixed quickly.

Fortunately, the box isn't connected directly to the Internet, it sits behind a NAT/firewall which provides some minimal protections. At least enough so that someone won't be able to ssh in directly!

Of course with your situation, it MIGHT be easier to have them express the hard drive to you and work on it locally. :)

Now that's thinking out of the box. I'm always looking for a technical solution (I'm a geek. There HAS to be a geeky way to fix it!). But sometimes the non-technical solution is the shortest path. Thanks for a good alternative. This might actually be faster...


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