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Re: [Off-topic]cvs hangs due a dangling nfs.

Marcelo M. Garcia wrote:

I use automount to share a partition via NFS so every machine can mount this share. For example, the machine "abc" has a partitio /abc and other machines mounts /users/abc.

One the machines was removed (retired), but now a few clients can't use the CVS server. After the command "cvs history...", it simply sits and wait.

I know that the problem is in accessing the retired machine because of the command "strace cvs history".

Is there a way to find where is this reference to the old machine? Something like /etc/mtab?

Part II (Really Off-topic)
Is there a way to find which machines are client of a NFS share? So that before the shutdown I could umount in the clients?

"showmount -d" or "showmount -a" on the NFS server should give you a
list of the clients that have made a mount request.  There's no
guarantee that they STILL have a valid mount...if a client doesn't issue
an umount command (e.g. simply goes tits up), the server will still
think there's a valid mount.  See "man showmount" for details.

You should make sure the clients mount "soft".  That way if the server
goes away, any request made by the client should eventually time out.
If they do a hard mount, the request will hang until the server comes
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