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Re: Wish To Know The Basics of Installing/Downloading a Fedora Operating System

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
On Wednesday 29 October 2008 11:08, Ubique Enterprises wrote:
a) Download a Fedora Operating System on a folder in the hard disk. And
transfer it out of this computer to another stand alone machine which
currently has only a 256 MB RAM with the help of a pen drive/pen drive
having a 1 gb capacity. Wish to install using the pen drive after wiping
out the earlier Windows Operating Systems - Win XP installed on it.


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I suppose there are multiple ways to do this, but I would consider downloading the Fedora Live (or Fedora KDE Live) iso image which fits on a good old 700MB cd. Use the pen drive to transfer it to any computer which can burn cds (I can't find one that still cannot do this...). Burn the image, then take it to your computer and install.

Or you might install from the pen drive itself, but that is more complicated.

Step- By -Step please.

This is just an outline of the step-by-step instructions. I assume you are capable of handling the details.

1) download Fedora 9 Live iso image
2) copy the .iso file to the pen drive
3) go to the nearest shop and buy an empty cd (or rather two, for safety)
4) go to the nearest internet caffe and burn the image from the pen drive to the cd. 5) there is a catch in step 4, don't burn the .iso file to the cd, but rather burn *its content* to the cd. Use the second cd if you already did this wrong, have the local admin help you if you don't know what you are doing 6) take the cd to your computer and boot it using the cd. When the install starts, be sure to perform the "check media" step before continuing. 7) Educate yourself about Fedora, Linux, computers in general. It will prove useful later in life.

Or read the real, honest installation guide at


That should answer all questions.
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