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Re: installating from iso

Mmm.. If I understand correctly, I am past the stage that you referred to me in the guide - I already have a USB stick with Live CD - I think that's what they suggest there? I actually want to install a fedora on part of the hard disk. But I could maybe mount the full DVD .iso using the USB stick live version, after mounting the Vista partition which contains that ISO, and run the installation from the mounted .iso - that's what I was trying to look for in google. I was hoping it is possible to do that, instead of having to boot from the full DVD version for full installation (since I dont have a DVD or a 4GB USB stick...)
Thanks for your answer.

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 9:35 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan <pocallaghan gmail com> wrote:
On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 21:04 -0400, Jerry Ro wrote:
> Hello,
> I thought I would try installing Fedora 9. Unfortunately, my laptop
> has no optical drive.
> I made a bootable USB stick, and like I said, I manage to boot from
> it, but the fonts are corrupt.
> Still, I can move to text mode (say ctrl-alt-f1) and use the Live
> version quite well.
> Since I have Vista, I thought I might have an easier way of installing
> Fedora without having a DVD. I thought of downloading the ISO and then
> looking for a boot loader or something of that sort that can "boot"
> from an .iso file (on a windows partition.)
> I know one can mount an .iso on linux to a directory, so I see no
> reason why a boot loader could not do something like that as well.

Because it's a completely different situation. You're asking for the
boot loader to understand the Windows filesystem so it can find the iso

> However, I did not manage to find something to allow me to do that.
> Looking on google leads to all kind of "hints" that it is possible to
> somehow install fedora using the DVD .iso (on the Vista partition) or
> from the Live CD on a USB stick (without being connected to the
> internet), but nothing explicit. Anyone has experience with it? Also,
> I hope Fedora 9 installation will make it easy to create a new
> partition for it (or maybe I should first deal with using gparted to
> prepare a partition properly)...

Have you read the Fedora Installation Guide? There's a section
specifically about installing from USB media:


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