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Re: FEDORA net etiquette

g wrote:
> the 'guidelines' state, in general terms, 'plain text'. for some
> reason there
> are posters who continue to send 'mime', 'quoted' and 'base64' instead of
> 'text/plain 8-bit'.
> i am not talking about attachments of 'graphic', 'binary' or any other
> type
> of attachments that need be sent as base64.
> and because they do, they come up with ever excuse they can to justify
> their
> doing so. why?
> if i and many others can set up our mail clients for 'text/plain' 8-bit,
> why not rest of posters.
> my only reasoning is that they do not care to bother to and to hell with
> who does not like.
FWIW, you messages come in "mime" so I'm not sure if your are lambasting
yourself also or simply unaware of that fact or what it means.

You send in:

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

And you seem to complain, maybe I snipped too much, about people using
accent marks, special characters or symbols which is perfectly
acceptable and even desirable when I want to ask "why doesn't konsole
display 耜 properly)?". 

Also, BTW, what is so gosh darn awful about base64 or quoted-printable? 
The modern day User-Agents deal with it quite well. 

And let's not forget that most of the people on this list *don't*
exclusively post to this list.  Therefore their email clients are not
configured to "fedora standards".  While is quite easy to configure most
UA's to send HTML or not based on the recipient the MIME settings are
quite a different matter.

There are still people in small areas of the world, China comes to mind,
where their default character set is something other than UTF8 or
ISO-8859-1 and where, due to necessity,  their clients send in base64.

I suppose you are suggesting that these people make changes to their
clients each and every time they send to the Fedora list....or maybe
that these people sign up for gmail accounts so as to properly conform
to what some people's narrow view of correctness is?

BTW, what is your definition of "plain text"?  To my lovely wife sitting
right next to me..謝謝 is quite plain.

I suspect that those people that you characterize as not caring and to
hell with others are thinking....why is that person so intolerant?  I
thought this was a community.

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