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Re: 16GB USB Drive Not Accessible

Christopher A. Williams wrote:
I recently bought a snazzy new 16GB USB pen drive from the local store -
it was only $29! I have several drives that are 8GB and smaller from the
same store that are the same brand.

Imagine my surprise when:
* The 16GB drive is not accessible on either F9 or F10 Snap 3
* The 8GB drives all work just fine on both F9 and F10 Snap 3
* The 16GB drive works fine on Windows XP
* The 16GB drive also works on a Windows XP VM running on top of F9!!!

I can only conclude from this that something is a miss that causes F9 to
not be able to access and use USB pen drives that are bigger than 8GB,
and that this most likely has something to do with a file system driver
or such.

Anyone else seen this yet? Is there a fix / work-around?

I had issues as well with various drives.

First rule is don't get any drive with U3 software. Remove this as I have had data losses due to it. It also affects the USB bus.

My Corsair had issues and I submitted a bug report with Corsair. There is a timing issue

It may not be the same with yours but could be important to others. Just something that I thought I would share.


Whenever you create multiple partitions or a non fat(32) file system in a partition on the stick the inquiry of the stick timeouts. The default linux timeout is set for 5 secs, and the stick takes 14.5 seconds. So if you set the timeout to 15 seconds or more, and reinsert the stick, the stick should be mountable and readable. Just remember to add this to your boot scripts, or repeat it every time you reboot the kernel.

The inquiry timeout can be set to 15 sec with the following command line:

   echo 15 >/sys/module/scsi_mod/parameters/inq_timeout

Or if you prefer the grub command line is :


I hope this longer timeout will someday be standard for the kernel. Or maybe part of an exception list when a prolific 2528 stick is detected.

Robin Laing

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