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Re: Fedora vs RedHat

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

Fedora is the "beta test, bleeding edge" test version.  If it works

It's not a beta.

That would imply that adequate testing has been done before shipping.

It is more of a proving ground things that may be used in
future Red Hat releases.

And that would imply that fedora users are, in fact, the real testers. Which has been my experience... Is there some published list of hardware that is tested to boot before an update is pushed out, or a set of commands that are confirmed to work across some set of hardware types?

The real problem with this from a user's perspective is that no version of fedora ever 'matures'. That is, you can participate in the process, report bugs, etc., but you never end up with a resulting improved, stable version that is useful for any length of time because every version is quickly discarded and replaced with new betas from upstream.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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