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Re: Fedora vs RedHat

Claude Jones wrote:
On Fri October 31 2008 1:06:10 pm Les Mikesell wrote:
The real problem with this from a user's perspective is that
no version of fedora ever 'matures'.

I have no idea why I'm jumping in to this, Les, but the real problem is that you refuse to accept that some people like it this way, and that if they don't, they have other choices... There's no problem except the one you continuously create with your endless pugilism

It seemed somewhat relevant to post a view that I think represents the 99.something% of computer users that don't use fedora (and my own experience) in the context of a question about a choice between fedora or something else. Sorry if it upsets the closed minority here, but I liked the way RH development worked in the old days up through RH 7.3 where there was a continuous transition toward stability within a major version.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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