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Re: installating from iso

On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 22:04 -0400, Jerry Ro wrote:
> Mmm.. If I understand correctly, I am past the stage that you referred
> to me
> in the guide - I already have a USB stick with Live CD - I think
> that's what
> they suggest there?

Fair enough, but that's not what you implied in your earlier messages.

> I actually want to install a fedora on part of the hard
> disk. But I could maybe mount the full DVD .iso using the USB stick
> live
> version, after mounting the Vista partition which contains that ISO,
> and run
> the installation from the mounted .iso - that's what I was trying to
> look
> for in google. I was hoping it is possible to do that, instead of
> having to
> boot from the full DVD version for full installation (since I dont
> have a
> DVD or a 4GB USB stick...)

I still can't get my head round what you're trying to do. If you have a
Live USB stick, then why not install from that? Once you've done so, you
can easily install extra stuff from the DVD if you have it. You can even
do it from an ISO image of the DVD on your Windows partition (it'll mean
mounting the partition under Linux and using a loopback mount for the
image, but one thing at a time).

What you haven't mentioned, either because you haven't realized it's
necessary or because it's too obvious to bring up, is that you have to
partition your hard disk to add space for Linux. Don't expect to be able
to boot and run Fedora from a file in your Windows system (I think
Ubuntu supports doing this if it's what you really want, but you'd need
to ask elsewhere about that).


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