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Re: kernel: martian messages

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 6:59 AM, Seann Clark
<nombrandue tsukinokage net> wrote:
>..... I see this a lot on my firewall, but that is because
> both my ISP and myself use a 10.x.x.x private IP range that overlaps. They
> use it for the management of the cable modems, and I use it for more
> traditional uses....

What you describe is more or less what occurs with my network setup.

> In terms of a broadcast range, since most proper broadcasts on more up to
> date TCP stacks use x.x.x.255 as the broadcast, not a full 'every network
> possible' broadcast ( it will fire off an alert that
> something it trying a mass broadcast that it doesn't expect (since that
> broadcast range will not match its known route table). This broadcast IP can
> be seen a lot on DHCP type setups, or other discovery items on a computer.
> You can also see occasional 224-236.x.x.x ranges fire off the same messages
> on the box, for multicast messages.

The machine I was asking about uses two NICs. One for the outside world and
the other for talking to a switch where DHCP is enabled for a bunch of systems.

Given your insight  then is it alright to conclude that the
"martian source" messages can be ignored and are harmless? The messages
do not fill the log files and some days are much less than others.

Your explanation was pretty good. Thanks.

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