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Re: FEDORA net etiquette

g wrote:
> you use mutt. can mutt not send 'text/plain' in 8 bit?

It does, and did. It looks as though somewhere en-route my last e-mail
got recoded a couple of times, though.

Incidentally, 8 bit without MIME is meaningless: you need the MIME
headers to (reliably) make any sense of the non-ASCII values. ASCII
(US-ASCII in the standards) is merely 7 bit.

> *subject: fedora net etiquette*
> this is 'fedora-list'. it is not intercourse between business, people
> writing in a 'non english language', or commercial advertisements.
> it is a *tech support list* with people speaking in one common language
> as best as some are able to. [no degradation intended]
> there is no need for accent marks, special characters or symbols. yet posters
> continue to do so.

1. Red Hat Linux 8.0 adopted UTF-8 as a default for most locales. As far
   as I am aware, all Fedora mail clients support UTF-8, and most other
   modern e-mail clients do¹. So why not make use of it?

2. As has been pointed out, not all names can be properly spelt in
   ASCII, and there are other reasons for using symbols outside raw

> the 'guidelines' state, in general terms, 'plain text'. for some reason there
> are posters who continue to send 'mime', 'quoted' and 'base64' instead of
> 'text/plain 8-bit'.

text/plain is a MIME term. Quoted-printable and base64 are valid
encodings of text/plain: according to the relevant standards, being
quoted-printable or base64 doesn’t stop an e-mail being text/plain.

This guideline is aimed against text/HTML.

> if i and many others can set up our mail clients for 'text/plain' 8-bit,
> why not rest of posters.
> my only reasoning is that they do not care to bother to and to hell with
> who does not like.

You may care to take a look at RFCs 2045 to 2049, the RFCs defining MIME.

Hope this helps,


¹ In my opinion, all modern e-mail clients support UTF-8. If it doesn’t
support UTF-8, I won’t call it modern.

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