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Re: 1-TB SATA drive as F9 root/boot drive

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I have a 2TB Raid1 array running Fedora 9 and it has *no* issues at all,
I've gone through boot up and shut down numerous times with no
difference between tries.  This does sound like a motherboard inconsistency.

When you say it won't boot do you mean it gets past grub and hangs? or
does it not even get to grub?

Eric wrote:
> I tried installing F9 on a 1-TB SATA drive after configuring it in the
> system BIOS to be the boot drive.  I found it to be very unreliable...
> sometimes it would boot and sometimes it would not.
> I took that drive out and put in a 120-GB IDE drive and that works fine.
> The SATA drive works fine as a storage drive on another computer running
> Windows XP (didn't try it as a boot drive), just doesn't seem to want to
> boot F9 reliably.  The WinXP computer and this F9 machine have the same
> motherboard with on-board SATA controller.
> Any of you had any difficulty in using large SATA drives as boot drives
> under F9?

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