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Re: 1-TB SATA drive as F9 root/boot drive

Is the mobo SATA 150 or SATA 3Gbps? is the drive jumpered to match?

Also, you say that the two machines have the same motherboard? do they have the same bios revision?

If you do decide to try this again if you could please do your best to copy the kernel panic/crash and post it that would help :)

Eric wrote:
At 07:22 PM 9/23/2008, Scott Harvanek wrote:

When you say it won't boot do you mean it gets past grub and hangs? or
does it not even get to grub?

It gets to grub, then about half the time it completes the boot process. The other half, it either hangs or panics.

It's not really important... the only reason I was going to use the SATA drive anyway is it was the only one I had on hand that was a reasonable size... but I then found a 120-GB IDE drive and used that.

The motherboard is a Tyan from back in the early days of on-board SATA controllers so I suppose there could be some bugs in there that ding up Linux's SATA driver. I haven't tried just using it as a second (non-boot) drive on Linux; when I had all this trouble I just reformatted it with NTFS and stuck it in our Windoze server.

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