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How to recover an integer ext3 partition from a disk with a damaged partition table ?


I have a broken solid state disk, in facts badblocks has found about a hundred of damaged blocks. The most shortcoming is that I have lost the partition table too, and I suspect that some bad blocks are in relation with the partition table data since testdisk can not write the recovered partition table to the disk. Now, I need to rescue a 10 GB ext3 partition (that is the last one on device).

So, I would like to use dd (or dd_rescue) to physically transfer the partition in a file on an ext3 USB disk, and then mount the file as an ext3 partition (like an iso file by means of loopback device, is it possible ? how ?).

Since I am poor experienced with the CHS and LBA notations, someone can me confirm this: testdisk signals that the partition begins at 6403, 1 ,1 and ends at 7798, 254, 63 in CHS notation. Since the disk has 255 heads and 63 sectors, the corrispective LBA addresses would be 102864258 and 125290810, isn't it ?

And, what of these data can I pass to dd (or dd_rescue) in order to transfer the partition ?

Or can you suggest a better way to rescue the partition ?

Thanks in advance,


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