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re: gcc updates {kicking old thread back to life}

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don fisher wrote:
> When are the versions of gcc components included in the devel repository 
> added to the standard distribution. The current version of gfortran 
> (4.1.2) is quite broken. I tried to upgrade from the devel repository, 
> but that failed due to missing dependencies. I think that once the gcc 
> was updated, almost everything else that links to the library was 
> included by yum.
> Is there a path to request such an upgrade?

David Timms wrote:
 > don fisher wrote:
 >> David,
 >> Sorry to bother you. I have sent numerous postings to
 >> fedora-list redhat com and have seen none posted. Did I make some sort
 >> of blacklist, or is there something obvious I am doing wrong?
Actually, you must send email to the list with the address that you are 
subscribed with {rather than hdf3 _ comcast.net}, or you might like to 
change your subscribed email address. Use the link at the bottom of the 
list mail.

 >> Thanks for your help, and sorry for this level question. I do not know
 >> how to proceed.
 > Hi Don,
 > 1. You need to be signed up to the mailing list to be able to post
 > https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list  {but I imagine you
 > are since that is where I originally responded to you}. Note that the
 > list is quite high traffic...
Don, in case you weren't watching fedora closely, fedora 8+9 updates 
have resumed service.

I'm sure there are many around who can lend a hand with your situation...


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