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Re: kvm?

Jesus Jr M Salvo wrote:
2008/9/25 Neal Becker <ndbecker2 gmail com>:
I've been using virtualbox, and it's pretty nice.  I'm wondering if any of the more open virtualization efforts have progressed to the point that I'd want to try replacing virtualbox.  What I'm interested in is:

1) Able to run windoze/linux guest on linux x86_64 host
2) good performance (on modern hardware)
3) Decent gui

I'm running WinXP on F9 x86_64 with kvm. It works amazingly well, assuming that your processor has the modern virtualization features (vmx flag, I think).

There is a gui tool for root to manage the virtual machine(s). It works pretty well assuming the default network configuration (NAT) works for you. If you want to implement bridged routing instead, you have to manually edit the xml files.

Client access to the virtual machine is provided through vnc (localhost:5900, for example), which is easy enough.

Documentation is pretty minimal for everything.

- Mike

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