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Re: gossips about ATI and 3D

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 7:05 PM, David Hláčik <david hlacik eu> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> are there any infos / gossips where should be 3D support for ATI
> available under X.Org > 7.3 (especially for Fedora 9).
> I have heard that radeonhd should support 3D for HD2400 ATI cards
> (mine) at beginning of next year.
> I definitely do not like downgrading  Xorg to older version. DO not
> understand what is wrong with ATI developer guys , they are lazy or
> bad paid :)

Well, it's harder than you think it is especially when the ATI effors
are split between three different teams with different agendas

- ATI proprietary (binary) team
- xorg-ati team
- xorg-radeonhd team

They are essentially doing the same thing but with various levels of
support, architecture and resources.

I passionately hate ATI binaries since they don't work on almost any
new distribution out of the box due to either lack of kernel support
or Xorg support.  So it's pretty much useless.


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