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Re: Your favorite Music/Video player?

Dan Thurman wrote:

I have been using Amarok for awhile, but I find
it so frustrating to use when it comes to updating
tags - it seems to do a very poor job reading/updating
the audio file tags.  I want to switch to something
else that is more reliable, Amarok crashes alot esp.
under heavy load.

I liked Amarok's layout/list and other nifty features
but it is getting to the point that I am unable to
consistently keep my tags straight.  Amarok seems
to have trouble handling ID3 tags (I use Audio Tags
Tools externally in attempts to force tags they way I
want them to be and ATT supports ID3 v1.0
and v2.0) but Amarok has a nasty habit of
reading these tags improperly and/or inconsistently
so it seems, so I am ready to move on.

What do you recommend as a replacement?



I use Songbird and it's pretty good.


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