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Re: nvida drivers

On Fri September 26 2008 5:17:45 am Tim wrote:

> I've considered trying that, but one (potential) thing puts me off the

> idea - bootup time.


> Does it increase the time it takes to boot?  Obviously creating a new

> module will take extra time, but for those other times, when you're

> booting/rebooting and haven't installed a new kernel, does it slow

> things down?

no - well, to put extreme precision on it, there's probably a delay measurable (in fractions of a second - literally), but, it's certainly not noticeable - it is comparing the installed module ver to the booting kernel ver - how long could that take? - and by the way, creating a new module on the fly when it's necessary, is under 15 seconds - (I've been using dkms on multiple machines for over three years now, and as Robin reports, there's been only one instance of a problem, and that was caused by an incompatible kernel change requiring a driver fix)

I see that Livna has an automated script for this as well now, akmod I believe it's called - can we hear some reports on how well it works?


Claude Jones

Leesburg, VA

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