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Re: F9: No audio on Compaq V5000

Richard Shaw wrote:
I recently got my wife to switch to Fedora as she was getting very
frustrated with Windows on her not so new laptop (Compaq V5000 AMD Turion
1.6Ghz w/ Radeon M200 video).

Everything works well except there is no audio. Direct from boot there is no
/proc/asound or /dev/snd directories. lspci does not show any audio devices
so I'm not sure what driver to use. Neither the alsa wiki or google were
much help.

I tried modprobe snd-intel8x0 since it's really common and the module loaded
and created some entries under /proc/asound but alsamixer still didn't see a
sound card.

She likes F9 overall but has to have working sound. Any ideas?



This system looks a lot like my R4000. It's got the same video chipset (Radeon XPress 200M) so my bet is it has the ATIIXP audio chipset as well.

I have my sound driver built into the kernel on this system (as I now run Gentoo on it), but I had F9 on it until a couple weeks ago without trouble. You say lspci doesn't show anything?

Can we see the output?

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