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Re[2]: fc9: bind weirdness

Yes, as a matter of fact I was.

But that  introduces a new wrinkle.

For some reason, the interface would keep coming up disabled using
the regular network config. So, when I tried the new-fangled
NetworkManager it would come up active. (And yes, I had it set to
activate on boot, so that wasn't the problem.)

So, any ideas on why the interface would come up inactive?


>> FC9 with latest updates
>> I've configured bind with all the defaults and modified bind.conf to
>> answer questions on all interfaces to all clients.
>> But weird stuff is happening.
>> bind/named starts properly on boot.
>> But it refuses to resolve for any hosts other than localhost.

> Just a guess?  Are you useing the default NetworkManager daemon rathrer
> than the traditional network one?

> NetworkManager doesn't start the network immediately, and I wonder if on
> boot-up the network connectivity isn't in place when bind starts.

> If you are not using wireless, try stopping NetworkManager and starting
> network as the default daemons.

> Steve

Best regards,
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