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Re: Problem of install tarball packages

2008/9/26  <edwardspl ita org mo>:
> Sorry, My means is how to running the command line of "./configure", "make"
> and "make install" ?
> How to config sudo or / and linux system for it ?

You could as well give him/her the root password.

If you let the user just run 'make install' as root while not allowing
anything else and the user wanted to escape that limitation, he would
just write a new Makefile where the install target would actually do
whatever he wanted, like reset the root password or delete all the

However, the user can easily just run the configure script and make as
a normal user, and install the program under the home directory. To
assist this, the configure script often has this handy option:

./configure --prefix=/home/foo/myprograms

Which would configure the program to install into the user's
myprograms directory. Writing to a self-owned directory needs no root
privileges, so the entire installation can be done without root privs.

hope this helps,

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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