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Re:Re: kde-4.1 menus not editable

thanks for the kind words about Linux. I like Linux and have been using it since Red Hat 6. I do not really care for windows. Linux satisfies all my needs and more.
I always use KDE and like to edit the menus to my liking.
I do not remember having a problem before. Does anyone knows where the menu file is saved so I can try to edit it manually?

Zoran Spasojevic wrote:

   I did a fresh install and updated to kde-4.1.1 a few days ago.
   The problem is not that I do not know how to edit the menus
   (right-click on f and the edit menus).  The problem is that my changes
   would not save after clicking the save button.
   For example, my firefox link is found in Lost & Found sub-menu.
   When I add it to the internet sub-menu it would not stay there.
   It seems to be permanently fixed in the Lost & Found sub-menu.
   Thanks for your suggestions.

I'm not using 4.11 yet so I can't truly tell you. What I can tell you is that Fedora is a work in progress so don't be surprised if you run into sum crazy issues. But it is a great OS which I love but I still dual boot with Vista since Fedora is still a work in progress. But one day soon Fedora will be the best OS out there. And it is up to us to get it there but until, good luck and have fun!

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