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update notification dialog conflicts with authenticate dialog

What I was doing:

I was checking to see if a couple of volumes had mounted properly. Got the "Enter the root password." authenticate dialog. (Why isn't that a sudo dialog like the Mac OS presents, so you don't have to give out the root password to everybody?)

Then the updater dialog pops up.


The updater dialog is in front, covering all buttons on the authenticate dialog. I'm not sure it would matter that the buttons are covered, because the close box does not respond. And no button on the updater dialog responds to mouse clicks. In fact, nothing on the screen responds.

I switched to a character console, logged in as root, and killed a notification-something process, and returned to the X console to find it responsive again, with the updater notification dialog gone, of course.

Anybody seen this? is it already in Bugzilla?

And can anyone tell me how to get the updater to refrain from running when ordinary users log in?
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