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Re: kde or gnome

On Sat, 2008-09-27 at 12:16 -0400, William Biggs wrote:
> I would like to know witch one is better kde or gnome ?

Gnome, of course...  I say that just to stick fingers up the various KDE
fanboys on this list.  There's plenty that extoll it's virtues (that I
don't care for - it emphasises prettiness and endless fiddling over
actually using the computer, and the current incarnation is far from
ready for use), compared against fewer people that evangelise Gnome over

But being more serious.  Fedora uses Gnome by default, the documentation
shows you how to use it with Gnome, much of the configuration uses Gnome
tools, etc.  The other window managers are *alternatives*.  If you're
starting out as a Linux newbie, and want an easier start, it's probably
much easier to do so with Gnome.  Then once you've got your footing, you
can try out the alternatives.

I've tried and used several window managers.  KDE is a time waster,
Gnome just works.  Some of the lighter weight ones don't work, without a
big fight, with recent versions of Fedora (which seems to depend on
Gnome or KDE triggering off a few things that says the current user of
the console should have sound, should connect to a network, should mount
an inserted disc, etc.).  When you use some alternative window managers,
you have to handle all of that yourself, manually.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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