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Re: Fedora 9 support for the XFS file system

> PS = Pete Stieber
> PS>> I was using a 1 TB LaCie Big Disk
> PS>> (http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10923)
> PS>> and the board in the drive died.  I took the two hard
> PS>> drives that were in the drive (SATA 500 GB each Raid 0
> PS>> using the XFS file system) and got them mounted in a
> PS>> Fedora 9 x86_64 box.  Now I'm having trouble with the
> PS>> drives.
> PS>>
> PS>> Are XFS utilities like
> PS>>
> PS>> xfs_check
> PS>> xfs_repair
> PS>> xfsdump
> PS>>
> PS>> available on Fedora 9?
> PS>>
> PS>> I tried looking on the Fedora website, but I couldn't
> PS>> figure out how to answer this question myself.  Any
> PS>> pointers?
> MB = Mike Burger
> MB> Yes...Fedora supports SGI's XFS filesystem.
> Thanks for the help Mike.  Yeah I know it supports it.  I got the drives
> working for a while, but now I need to run fsck on them because
> something is broken.
> Sorry I wasn't clear, but what package do I have to load to get fsck.xfs
> and/or xfs_check, xfs_repair, xfsdump?

Sorry...look for xfsprogs.

If you built the XFS filesystems at install time, or built them after, the
fileset should be installed (mkfs.xfs is part of that package), then
you've got the package.

Mike Burger

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