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Re: kde or gnome

On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 8:19 PM, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
> But being more serious.  Fedora uses Gnome by default, the documentation
> shows you how to use it with Gnome, much of the configuration uses Gnome
> tools, etc.  The other window managers are *alternatives*.  If you're
> starting out as a Linux newbie, and want an easier start, it's probably
> much easier to do so with Gnome.  Then once you've got your footing, you
> can try out the alternatives.

Gnome is better for a linux newbie. They don't know the difference between
Desktop Managers (DM), but a Sys Admin does. If you install a new system and
ask them: "...and what  DM will you like to use today?", the response will be
a blank face followed by a prolonged "Huhhh....". For what I read lately
Gnome has Fire-And-Forget capabilities. So I'd just give them Gnome.

> I've tried and used several window managers.  KDE is a time waster,
> Gnome just works.  Some of the lighter weight ones don't work, without a
> big fight, with recent versions of Fedora (which seems to depend on
> Gnome or KDE triggering off a few things that says the current user of
> the console should have sound, should connect to a network, should mount
> an inserted disc, etc.).  When you use some alternative window managers,
> you have to handle all of that yourself, manually.

I started using Linux on text terminals... monochrome. Then one day I discovered
graphical linux and started using Gnome, but I found it annoying that I had to
open a new xterm for every other thing. I tried KDE and it gave me tabbed
xterms, and that was it.

I have used KDE for as long as I can remember and the only thing that it does
not do is to say "Hello Master..." when I log into my system; could they add
this feature? :-)

I have concluded that the more you use the desktop features of a DM
the more likely you'll get the point-and-click syndrome.  For experienced
users a GUI is an optional thing. Isn't the idea of a pretty DM
aimed at giving Linux a nice appearance? It works well with new users.

BTW - I used F8 and have not tried KDE 4.x yet.


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