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Re: 32 or 64 bit kernel for Duo T8400 processor ? Can apps be 32 bit for 64 bit kernel ?

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Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> linuxguy wrote:
>> My new laptop has an Intel Duo T8400 processor.  Should I install the 32
>> or 64 bit distro ?   I run a lot of esoteric open source apps.   Can I
>> run a 32 bit application if I install the 64 bit distro ?
> I'm running F9.x86_64 on my Intel Core2 T7200.  I have a small number of
> 32 apps installed for those edge cases where the parts either don't
> work, or aren't available in 64 bit.  nspluginwrapper takes care of most
> of those for me (OK, I have to run adeona in 32 bit as well, grumble,
> grumble).  But, for the most part, 64 bit works for me.   YMMV

I'm running 64 bit Fedora 9 on AMD Athlon 64 X2, and it works pretty well.
You'll have to use nspluginwrapper for Flash with the 64 bit Firefox, and I've
found this to be a bit buggy. Especially jumping around the NFL website with
game tracking. Sometimes it won't load and you'll get grey boxes where Flash
content should be (reload or page back and click again works to fix). And I
have to grab the 64 bit Enigmail from Remi as it's not in the Fedora repos. I
haven't had a issue running 32 bit apps.

Basically, unless you're doing something where you'll really benefit from the
speed increase of 64 bit, video transcoding for example, you'll save yourself
some headaches going 32 bit. But if you just want to play with 64 bit it's ready.

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Jason Turning

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