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Re: Switching to KDE (was kde or gnome)

The current version of KDE 4.1 is terrible.

Everything I like about KDE 3.5 has been decimated.

Click on the "Configure Desktop" and the only thing
you can do is change the wall paper.

And if you need to actually configure the desktop, then
if you fumble around in the menus you'll find 2
"configure system" entries.

Desktop no longer means desktop - system no longer
means system.

They took a page from MS development -  chop up the
existing application and rename the commands with
nonsensical names,  add a couple of unnecessary features,
and you have a new release.

And if you haven't pissed the majority of your clients then
you're doing something wrong.

Dave Feustel wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 05:35:13PM -0400, Eric wrote:
>> At 05:21 PM 9/28/2008, Dave Feustel wrote:
>>> I'm running F9 and I would like to switch from gnome to kde,
>>> but I have not figured out how that is done. Can someone
>>> explain how?
>> <<<<<
>> Good evening, Dave.
>> First of all, you need to have KDE installed, if it is not already  
>> installed.  It isn't installed by default, in an initial F9  
>> installation.  So, you need to log on as root, open up a terminal  
>> window, and say "yum groupinstall "KDE Softwarre Development"" ("yum  
>> groupinstall KDE" may also work but I didn't try that).
>> Then, you have one of two ways: switchdesk, or selecting it in a little 
>> box on login.
>> switchdesk is a command-line utility where you log on as yourself, open 
>> up a terminal window, and say "switchdesk KDE".  If you try that and KDE 
>> isn't installed, it will tell you that you need to use "yum groupinstall 
>> "KDE Software Development"" to install KDE.
>> If switchdesk isn't installed, you have to log on as root and say "yum 
>> install switchdesk" first.
>> The other way is, when you click on your userID in the login screen but 
>> before you type in the password, a small pulldown box will appear at the 
>> bottom center of the screen, containing all of the desktops you have 
>> installed.  Click on the arrow and select "KDE" from that box, and from 
>> then on, until you change it, all of your logins will be to KDE (again, 
>> as long as you have KDE installed).
>> Note that you could use the graphical "Add/Remove Software" to do all  
>> the KDE installation (and installation of other things like switchdesk), 
>> but I have had that crash on me once too many times, in the middle of a 
>> software install session, leaving things in an indeterminate state.  So, 
>> I use "Add/Remove Software" to get a list of everything I need to add, 
>> then I use the command line "yum install..." or "yum groupinstall..." to 
>> do the actual installation.
>> Hope this helps...
> Thanks for the explanation. I managed to get kde installed via
> add/remove..., and then selected kde prior to login. But kde is
> even worse than gnome since it has nothing at all on the desktop
> and I can't install icons either on the desktop or on the system panel
> in either gnome or kde4 as I could in kde3. So I went back to gnome.

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