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Re: Switching to KDE (was kde or gnome)

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 00:48 +0100, José Matos wrote:
> On Monday 29 September 2008 00:16:39 Agile Aspect wrote:
> > The current version of KDE 4.1 is terrible.
> >
> > Everything I like about KDE 3.5 has been decimated.
> Who needs soap-operas with these type of messages? :-)
seems to be a legitimate criticism. While I might disagree with the
overall sentiment expressed, clearly the whole GNOME or KDE (or FWM or
XFCE) are about expectations.

Clearly Apple and Microsoft have invested a lot of their development
resources towards a snazzy, 3 dimensional desktop and trying to move the
basic UI from the standards that developed in the 80's. Clearly KDE has
set their sights towards that end and in the interim, there are people
who don't see the value in the current feature regression of KDE.

I wish that KDE did a better job of promoting their vision for the
future so that we had a URL that we could point to in order to allay the
fears of those who are unhappy with the direction.


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