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Re: firefox: choose a profile

On Sun, 2008-09-28 at 20:09 -0400, oleksandr korneta wrote:
> fresh install of fedora 9 x86_64. Firefox is the default browser. Every 
> attempt to open the link from any application outside the firefox 
> (homepage link in "About" window of any program, link from email message 
> in thunderbird, conversation window in pidgin) brings up the firefox 
> profile chooser window, asking "what profile do you want to use?". 
> Obviously, selecting the current profile does not work because "it is 
> currently in use" o_O
> "Copy-paste" the links into firefox's address bar works, but having to 
> do that every time is extremely annoying.
> yes, I've seen such things before, and most of us had to write our own 
> firefox-remote script to enjoy the flawless work, but it was like... in 
> 2004!!! I thought this thing has been solved for some time now.
> googling brings nothing -- apparently I'm the only one with this problem 
> under F9.
> Any suggestions?
Quit all open copies of firefox

delete the file...


This is the file that makes it think your profile ^^^^^^ is in use.


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