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Re: 32 or 64 bit kernel for Duo T8400 processor ? Can apps be 32 bit for 64 bit kernel ?

linuxguy wrote:
My new laptop has an Intel Duo T8400 processor.  Should I install the 32
or 64 bit distro ?   I run a lot of esoteric open source apps.   Can I
run a 32 bit application if I install the 64 bit distro ?

Why not both at the same time, NOT dual boot?

My laptop features a similar CPU.
When I am testing a 32bit OS, I simply run it in a VM using qemu-kvm.

Right this minute I need to test a vendor recommended upgrade to one of our production servers, which is a 32 bit machine. So I fired up a VM, and am currently restoring last night's backup of the production system (RHE4) to the VM on my laptop.

When that finishes, I will run the vendor supplied upgrade procedure on that VM and discover any problems.

All that, and more, while typing this.

Good Luck!

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