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Re: Switching to KDE (was kde or gnome)

At 06:31 PM 9/29/2008, Dave Feustel wrote:

only reason I brought up the apparent inability to add user icons to the
system panels is that that is  the only feature I used in kde3 that
seems not to be available (yet) in kde4.

You can add icons to the desktop.  There is an option there for also adding icons to the panel.  I don't know if that works because I haven't tried it, but I have added many icons to the desktop.

It appears that you have to have the so-called "Kickoff Menu Style" selected.  You do that by right clicking on the little "f" symbol and checking to see if "Switch to Kickoff Menu Style" or "Switch to Classic Menu Style" appears in the popup list.  If it says "Switch to Classic Menu Style" then do nothing; you are already in the Kickoff Menu Style.  Otherwise, if it says "Switch to Kickoff Menu Style", click that.

Then, find the program whose icon you want to put on your desktop, and right-click it.  You'll get a list that includes "Add to Favorites", "Add to Desktop", and "Add to Panel".  The only one I've tried is "Add to Desktop" and that works.

Note that none of that works in the Classic Menu Style; right clicking on something just brings up that program, just as if you had left-clicked on it.

There is one thing I really miss in KDE4... the ability to rearrange icons on the desktop by right clicking on the desktop and selecting some kind of "arrange icons" capability.  I *_REALLY_* miss that.  I cannot understand why they removed it.

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