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Re: Git vs. Subversion. Which one?

2008/9/29 Armin Moradi <feng shaun gmail com>:
> So I wanted to know about the public opinions on which one is better, Git or
> Subversion as versioning control system (VCS?).

There is no "better".  There is "different".

git (and bzr, and hg, and others) are distributed VCSs.  They have a
fundamentally different model to svn and CVS.

With svn and CVS, there is one master repository and all developers
check out from it and commit to it as necessary.

With git and bzr and hg and so on there are many repositories.  Any of
these can be merged with any other.  This can be one repo which is
considered the master and one on each developer's own machine, in
which case they behave similarly to svn and CVS.  However, you still
have the extra feature that a developer can commit to zir own
repository without committing to the master, and commit to the master
only when the work is ready to share.

If what you need is what svn does, and your coders all know svn, then
you can use svn.  If you have a large number of developers who do a
lot of work on different branches, or who spend a lot of time away
from the net on aeroplanes and so on, then you should use a
distributed VCS like git or bzr or hg.

If you're trying to pick what to use for a new project, it's quite
likely the hosting arrangements for that project will dictate what you
can use anyway.



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