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Followup: Reverting from KDE4 to KDE3

OK... I made a copy of my VMware F9 virtual machine, so I could screw it up to my heart's content and still be able to restore what I had.

Then I went in and said "yum groupremove "KDE Software Development"" and let that run to completion. It left kdebase in place and removed everything else, so I said "yum remove kdebase" and that took care of removing all of KDE (or at least I hope so...).

So, if I want to install KDE3, what do I do?

On http://www.kde.org/download/ under "KDE 3 Series", then under Fedora, it says "KDE 3.5.10 has been pushed as an update for Fedora 8 and 9. The Fedora 8 update includes all of KDE 3.5.10, the Fedora 9 update only the applications which were shipped as KDE 3 versions, not KDE 4 versions.".

So, does that mean I download all of the files under "https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/F8/FEDORA-2008-7808"; (most, perhaps all, of which appear to be RPMs), install them all with rpm, then download everything under "https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/F9/FEDORA-2008-7780"; and install that over what I installed before?

Or, is there hidden away somewhere a complete archive of KDE 3.5.10 specifically for F9?

I know... "Just try it and see what happens"... I could do that but I'd rather see if any of you all can offer some insight first.

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