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Re: Switching to KDE (was kde or gnome)

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 20:42 -0400, Eric wrote:
> At 07:34 PM 9/29/2008, Claude Jones wrote:
>  >>>>>
> >I think you really don't understand a basic point, here - KDE 4
> >is not an evolution of KDE from 3, it's a fairly radical re-write
> >of much of the code from the ground up. The point being, they
> >didn't start with KDE 3.5 and 'evolve' the code to 4; nothing was
> >taken out of anything, because they pretty much started afresh.
> <<<<<
> Good evening, Claude.
> I understand it perfectly!  And if the ability to rearrange icons is 
> likely to show up in an early release, I'm perfectly happy.  But, 
> such an ability is so basic to just about any desktop that I found it 
> really odd that it wasn't there.
> (I'm told that you can sort icons within panels.  I haven't figured 
> out how to use panels yet ... and as for the one that comes up by 
> default in a fresh KDE install, I must have clicked on something 
> because it's gone and I haven't yet figured out how to get it back.)
part of the problem is that the desktop is not a normal storage space
and thus by intent, there isn't a normal interaction with the desktop
that you are used to.

I understand your expectations and I think most people shared those
expectations because that is what we are used to.
> It would have been nice to have the option of reverting to KDE3 in an 
> official, supported way... maybe something like "yum groupremove kde" 
> and "yum groupinstall kde3", until such time as KDE4 becomes more 
> nearly as feature-rich as KDE3 was.
it's already feature rich, it just doesn't have the features that match
your expectations. The KDE 4 desktop is what I call a dead zone (verizon
take note) and files aren't all that useful on a KDE 4 desktop. The
'folder view' panel in 4.1 is just this side of useless.

The truth is that the decision was made by the Fedora-KDE team not to try to implement both KDE 3.5 and KDE 4 on Fedora 9 because doing so would have required a non-standard implementation of one or the other besides the problem of having to maintain twice the number of packages.


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