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Re: flash plugin sound

On 9/30/08, John Thompson <johndthompson gmail com> wrote:
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> Mark Haney wrote:
> | My daughter told me over the weekend that there was no sound from
> | flash-enabled websites for the last couple of weeks on her Fedora 9
> | system.  (My middle daughter told me the same).
> |
> | I thought it was a pulseaudio problem, but sound works everywhere else.
> |  Has there been an update or something that's caused this problem?  It
> | was working beautifully until then.
> |
> | (I wish I had more information, but there's nothing in syslog, and I
> | haven't done updates in that time.
> I have the same problem with Fedora8, appearing within the last couple
> days. Reinstalled the flash-plugin, reinstalled libflashsupport, no joy.
> Sound works fine elsewhere; just not flash. I have to use Google Chrome
> in wine to get sound with flash now.

Hi all,

I had this problem in a F9 on x86_64. I followed the instructions at
http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-f9.html#flash and now
it's working properly again.

In my case the problem seemed to be that an update broke something
with nspluginwrapper cause launching firefox from a terminal (maybe
you can do it to see if you get some useful debug info) showed the
plugin wrapper was not found.


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