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Re: Git vs. Subversion. Which one?

On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 05:46 -0400, Thomas Thurman wrote:
> 2008/9/30 Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de>:
> > * CVS (and RCS) archives can be converted/exported to almost all other
> > VCS if required.
> Are CVS and RCS archives equivalent?
IIRC, widely. However I have to admit, my last encounter with RCS dates
back to more than a decade, so ... ;)

> > The point which has never let appear bzr attractive to me is it being an
> > exotic niche => Likely fine for local use, but I would not consider it
> > as basis for a larger project.
> I think you misunderstand bzr. Bzr is a generic distributed VCS,
> roughly equivalent to git.

Well, my point is "lack of a userbase", "availability of clients on
different platforms", "integration in IDEs", "VCS providers offering it"
So far, I have never tripped over a major project which is actively
using bzr nor have I ever met a user using it :)

Or differently: Don't underestimate the "familiarity factor" when
launching a new archive.

More generally speaking, I'd claim, nowadays, 
* older projects with a long history tend to use CVS (with a strong
tendency to switch to SVN),
* most projects dating back several years use SVN, 
* many newer (often Linux focused) projects use git.
* mercurial is on the loose
* bzr never made it out of its niche

The big question however is: What are the OP's use-cases.


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