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Re: Digital signatures don't work in Fedora's OpenOffice

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 22:41:25 PM +0200, Patrick wrote:


first of all, thanks a lot for the suggestions, they contain useful
advice regardless of this specific problem. However:

> There was some discussion about this in the past on (iirc) this list.  
> Here's a copy of 2 messages with suggestions. Hope this helps.
> First suggestion:

this doesn't help, as I mentioned in my original message I'd already
tried those steps and commands myself. Nothing appears in OOo.

With respect to the longest suggestion: sincere thanks, I will try it
tonight (can't do it immediately), but I must say I'm dubious. I know
how to create a self-signed certificate, for example, but **if** I
understand correctly what you posted, the second suggestion is little
more than:

1) create a certificate by yourself, import it into Firefox
2) apply the first suggestion

But here the problem is not how to get or create a certificate: it's
how to make OO.o, **as packaged by Fedora** see a certificate imported
in Firefox, no matter where that came from. Why is there this problem
only in Fedora, and how to fix it?

On the other hand, why are certificates needed to sign within
openoffice? Couldn't one make do with plain old gpg keys?


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