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Gnome nautilus: howto enable the FLV preview

Hello! ... How To enable the FLV preview into Gnome Nautilus?

If I goto a folder witch contain .avi .mpg and .flv files, for .flv
files do not see the preview of video....

I have this pkg installed:

> $ yum --enablerepo livna list|grep -i -E '(totem|gstreamer)'|grep installed
> gstreamer.i386                           0.10.19-1.fc9          installed       
> gstreamer-plugins-base.i386              0.10.19-2.fc9          installed       
> gstreamer-plugins-flumpegdemux.i386      0.10.15-2.fc9          installed       
> gstreamer-plugins-good.i386              0.10.8-8.fc9           installed       
> gstreamer-plugins-pulse.i386             0.9.5-0.5.svn20070924. installed       
> gstreamer-plugins-ugly.i386              0.10.8-1.lvn9          installed       
> gstreamer-python.i386                    0.10.11-2.fc9          installed       
> gstreamer-tools.i386                     0.10.19-1.fc9          installed       
> totem.i386                               2.23.2-7.fc9           installed       
> totem-gstreamer.i386                     2.23.2-7.fc9           installed       
> totem-nautilus.i386                      2.23.2-7.fc9           installed       
> totem-pl-parser.i386                     2.22.3-1.fc9           installed       
> totem-xine.i386                          2.23.2-7.fc9           installed       

What's missing?

Many thanks

Dario Lesca <d lesca solinos it>

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