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Fedora based Backup system


I have played with various backup programs and tools over the years that are free with Linux (namely Amanda) and I am wondering if there is a good, multi O/s tool that is out there, that would support various Unix's (I know Amanda does that) and windows systems. My other question is what would be the best backup plan to use? Hard drives? Tapes? DVD's? (Bluray are great @25GB, but suck at US$259 for a 20 pack of them.)

Right now I am using G4L on all my Windows systems, and Amanda on my *nix platforms, and have had mixed results. When my windows systems are running it can be hit or miss that it gets anywhere with the creation/moving of the image over to the storage system (Which is RAID5, and needs a better backup plan for its 2.8TB+ of total storage) and I am polling the list to get ideas on a better solution that is free/inexpensive for a SOHO setup. I know hard drives in external enclosures is a good bet for some applications (I think of laptop/desktop backups with that solution) but any better/different suggestion would be appreciated

Thanks in advance,

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