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Re: sed substitution that contains forward slash

Craig White wrote:
> subtitle...fun with sed
> I have a list of changes to make to a file...
> dc              rc
> -------------   -------
> 15T6145V        DELETED
> NATL19502       DELETED
> Q1500T3/CL120   DELETED
> and things work until I get to the 3rd item which has a forward
> slash and it fails to substitute with commands like below...
> sed -i "s%${dc}%${rc}%g" ARsalesorderdetails.csv
> and
> sed -i "s/${dc}/${rc}/g" ARsalesorderdetails.csv
> The latter producing error on screen...
> sed: -e expression #1, char 17: unknown option to `s'
> While the former simply doesn't complain but doesn't make the change
> either.

Hmm, it should work using a delimeter other than '/' or escaping the
'/'.  Escaping the '/' is a bit more of a pain than just changing
delimeters, as long as you know that whatever delimeter you pick won't
be in the strings you are substituting.

It seems to work for me:

$ dc="Q10MR11/FL12V"; rc=DELETED; echo "dc=${dc}"; echo "rc=${rc}"; \
  echo "This is some Q10MR11/FL12V text." | sed "s%${dc}%${rc}%g"
This is some DELETED text.

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