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Re: When I send email to fedora-users list, I get emails replies from @naver.com

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Does anyone have this problem?  It seems that
> my email messages are somehow being intercepted
> from this @naver.com site.
> Looks like a Korean or Chinese site but I am not
> sure what it is.
It is Korean....

Maybe you can post one of the replies and it can be determined what is
going on?

A guess...

Someone with an @naver.com email address is subscribed to the list and
since you have "Reply-To" set you are getting their vacation
message....or some such thing. 

I'm never a fan of "test" messages...but why not reply to this with your
"Reply-To" deleted and see if it makes a difference.

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wait. Unless it's blind screaming paroxysmally hedonistic...
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