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Re: Intel HD Audio, sound too quiet

Frank Cox:
> There are (at least) 3 volume controls on F10.  alsamixer, pulseaudio
> volume control, and the volume control doodad for the Gnome panel.

James Harrison wrote: 
>> Is there a preferred applications tool to allow someone to specify
>> the volume control program?

The gnome thingo is just a GUI, it'll control the same thing as one of
the other mixers does.  It used to be the same as the alsa mixer, but I
see since Fedora 9 the alsamixer's giving a curses interface to the
pulseaudio controls.

You can test for yourself if you adjust some levels with one, you'll see
which of the other shows the same changes.

Pulseaudio is controlling software, other things control the actual
sound hardware.  Both need to have levels up for sound to work, and
either one can reduce levels.  If you have no sound, check that both
hardware and software volume controls are 50-75% up, then just use one
to control your levels.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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