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Easy Fedora administration... why not?

I listened to FLOSS Weekly episode 62 [1] and the topic was eBox -
please listen [3] to it if you are interested in this topic.

AFAIK eBox gives you a is web interface for easy configuration of
Ubuntu/Debian boxes, it is like Webmin on crack :) I would really love
to see something like this for Fedora based systems...
Also I don't see why they need to be based only on Debian/Ubuntu I
know that there are differences in RedHat and Debian based distros but
if they made all necessary work I guess that it would be simple to
implement the differences so that it also works on Fedora and RedHat
based systems...

So what you think about this project? Would this be beneficial to Fedora? Why?

Some more info about eBox:

What is eBox?
eBox is a server for the easy administration of corporate networks. It
covers a wide range of functionality from network gateway to
communication center or file management. It has been conceived and
developed with simplicity in mind, lowering the learning curve for new
network administrators and saving time for experienced professionals.
It helps optimizing time for system administrators by automating most
of the tasks.
Moreover, eBox includes a development framework that allows for the
easy adaptation to new unforeseen needs. eBox takes into account that
security depends more on user’s actions than on technology itself and
thus, its configuration is secure by default. The result is a platform
that boosts the productivity of system administrators while keeping a
high level of security in corporate networks.

[1] http://twit.tv/floss62
[2] http://ebox-platform.com/
[3] http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/twit.cachefly.net/FLOSS-062.mp3

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