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Re: Easy Fedora administration... why not?

> My impression of every "easy" linux admin interface I've ever seen
> it that it requires millions of man hours to create a useful interface
> which will be used by newbies 3 or 4 times till they learn it takes
> 10 times longer to bring up the fancy interface than it does to
> just use vi to edit the dadgum /etc/resolv.conf file (or whatever
> file is involved :-).
> Then the linux developers, terrified that someone might have learned
> how to administer a system decide they need to rip everything apart
> and utterly change it - changes which are never reflected in the
> easy admin interface (things like network -> NetworkManager,
> xorg.conf -> weird /etc/fdi files for hal, etc).

Speaking like a true admin ;) From my point of view as
advanced-user-and-admin-of-my-own-machines this looks like a really
nice project... at least for setting up some services and getting them
working fast and then learning how they work by looking at config

I know, I know that should be reversed... but there is nothing more
rewarding and further stimulation for learning than when something
"JustWorks"tm. If I try something and fail misserably I tend to put it
down - and usually don't pick it up again. But if something
"JustWorks"tm I get positive stimulus to continue hacking on it ;)

Just my 2c.

ps. Still this could be really usefull tool even for "real" admins
that know how to thinks by hand but have hundreds of boxes on which
then need to change one simple thing... this would same them lots of

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